_MG_5033_MG_5038 _MG_5037 _MG_5036 _MG_5035 _MG_5034 _MG_5033 _MG_5032 _MG_5031 _MG_5030 _MG_5029 _MG_5028 _MG_5027 _MG_5026 _MG_5025 _MG_5024 _MG_5023 _MG_5022 _MG_5021 _MG_5020 _MG_5019

_MG_5043 _MG_5042 _MG_5041 _MG_5040 _MG_5039


This is the firs try of my develop for doing 3D or 2D fonts with the dots I cut in laser cutter.

Is only a beginning but it seems interesting point, to start

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